DUO dispensers in the Stone variant

The DUO line of the Skin collection is characterized by two products that perform the function of four! Savings in terms of raw materials used and space, two very important aspects. In fact, situations where it is important to have functional environments even if in a small space are more and more frequent today. The DUO line furnishes the bathroom with two extremely practical accessories that never give up their aesthetic vocation, preserving the modern lines and contemporary design characteristics of the entire Skin collection.

The DUO Toilet dispenser includes in a single accessory a toilet brush holder and a toilet paper holder, suitable for both roll paper and slips, thus representing an excellent solution for those looking for a versatile bathroom accessory, buy it and forget about it!

The DUO Washroom item, on the other hand, contains in a single dispenser a dispenser for filling soap (available in the variants for both liquid soap and Foam soap) and a paper towel holder for interleaved paper.

Mar Plast has created these dispensers to adapt to everyone’s needs, for those who prefer the use of liquid or foam detergent, for those who prefer toilet paper in sheets rather than rolls, for those with little space, for those who want to make a quality choice that does not accept compromises between the design, quality and practicality of the product.

Bathroom accessories are often unjustly considered as objects of pure functional value, this is undoubtedly true but also the functionality can reach different levels of optimization in terms of size reduction, resistance to wear, convenience of consumable delivery as they can. be paper and soap, and various other characteristics. But not only that, if it is true that even the eye wants its part, even a single accessory can enrich or, on the contrary, make a room ugly. With DUO dispensers this problem does not arise as they add an orderly appearance to any environment, thanks to their practicality, and attention to detail thanks to their contemporary and essential design.

Another fundamental aspect, especially today due to the severe climatic and geophysical conditions of our planet, is precisely the ecology inherent in these dispensers.

Making two dispensers in a single accessory also means optimizing not only the spaces but also the quantity of plastic material used: in this case the plastic used is only the quantity strictly necessary to cover the content and perform its function correctly. The whole Skin line is characterized by this aspect, dressing the internal consumable product, soap or paper, like a ‘skin’.

But the eco-friendly aspect is not finished here, the DUO dispensers in the Stone version, in addition to having an innovative grainy texture and a sophisticated and elegant anthracite gray color, are made with fully recycled pre- and post-consumer plastics and in turn recyclable. Both the lid and the bottom in smoky gray are made of recycled plastics for a truly eco-addicted product that never leaves out any aspect, with attention to detail, from color to functionality, the Stone variant adds a plus value to the DUO Skin collection.

Skin DUO Stone is the ideal choice for those who want to combine functionality and performance, design and, last but not least, ecology, thus enhancing the bathroom with an added value that will not go unnoticed.


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