Bag-hide Art. 739, a detail that makes the difference

Today’s bathrooms are no longer rooms exclusively characterized by functionality but increasingly require a refined and pleasant aesthetic. In particular, public toilets or toilets that in any case welcome numerous users on a daily basis want to maintain an orderly appearance. Without a doubt, the appearance of the bathroom creates feedback in the user on a cognitive and emotional level. A tidy and beautiful bathroom refers to the idea of ​​a clean and therefore safe environment.

We think of hotels, restaurants and other places where the user wants to feel good and safe. The toilets will become the mirror of the structure, a well-finished bathroom prepares the user to return to that structure if he has perceived a sense of security. In fact, to build customer loyalty or to build a good local reputation it is necessary that the user can trust.

Take for example the trash can, it is often considered an almost annoying element, an accessory that is tried as much as possible to hide and keep away from users’ sight. Yet it is an important element as it allows you to collect waste that would otherwise be thrown on the ground or in the toilet, creating dangerous blockages. Buying a basket and a small trash can becomes a necessary evil and not a pleasant one.

Mar Plast instead wants to make this accessory an element that is not only inevitable and functional but with its own aesthetic dignity, an object that no longer needs to remain hidden or semi-hidden under the sink. He therefore creates a wide range of baskets made in different colors and materials, from the soft nuances for the Woodplastic line which is also characterized by its strongly eco-friendly appearance to the strong colors of the Fluo basket of the Skin Antibacterial collection with silver ions. in the material itself.

In order not to neglect any aspect and further enhance the baskets, Art. 739, the hiding bag. You know the garbage bag whose edges protrude from the bin? It certainly isn’t nice to look at. The bag-hide Art. 739 is a simple but essential accessory to avoid this unpleasant situation. It is a support to which the upper edge of the bag to be inserted in the basket adheres.

In this way, the bag will remain completely inside without any anti-aesthetic leaks. If the Hidden lid, another Mar Plast patent, is added, the bin will certainly become an accessory that no longer needs to be hidden. And if you want, you can also install the bin on the wall, thus facilitating cleaning operations and ensuring greater hygiene in the entire bathroom.

Mar Plast therefore fully responds to the desire to offer safe and clean toilets without neglecting anything but rather enhancing the environment thanks to the attention to every detail.


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