Narrow spaces? No problem with the Dispenser Art. 949

Managing a large house can be challenging in many respects, from the commitment to keep it tidy and clean to the energy consumption of the environment which obviously the larger it will be, the more it will consume in terms of electricity, gas, heating and therefore economic burdens. Unfortunately, not all homes can take advantage, at least not yet, of alternative energy sources, solar panels, insulated floors and other energy saving systems.

Furthermore, the spaces, now more and more frequently, are no longer those of homes with large sizes but apartments with much smaller spaces. Not only that, today we move in a different way, the desire is born not to stay long in one place but to move freely traveling on campers and caravans.

Other means of transport, airplanes, trains, ships must optimize spaces with functional accessories, with a minimum footprint but at the same time comfortable and easy to use for the user.

The dispenser for paper towels Art. 949 by Mar Plast fully satisfies these needs, an accessory designed to be comfortable, beautiful and take up as little space as possible.

In fact, its thickness is only 8 cm, the same width as a credit card, making it the thinnest in its category.

Designed down to the smallest detail, the dispenser Art. 949 has a slight shrinkage inside for better paper output, without tearing and without waste; two grooves to keep the internal contents stable and without moving the paper. A slight inclination towards the rear makes it possible not to throw the paper forward during the dispenser opening and refilling operations, facilitating and speeding up cleaning and tidying operations.

Iconic of the Mar Plast brand and in particular of the Skin line, the transparent front lenticule facilitates immediate visual control of the remaining amount of paper.

Its design follows the dictates of the Skin Collection, soft, elegant and contemporary lines that want to cover the contents of the dispenser like a skin.

Available in the variants White, Carbon Black, Titanium Gray, Fluo Antibacterial with silver ions with anti-bacterial properties and Stone in recycled plastic.

The Dispenser for paper towels 949 meets the modern needs of accessorizing bathrooms and more generally environments with minimum bulk and in a comfortable way without neglecting the aesthetic side.

It is therefore ideal in small bathrooms, both public and domestic, and inside ships, trains or in the cramped toilet of an aircraft.

Image: the Narrow House (Le Havre), private collection


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