Lineacqualba meets every need

For all your questions we have the answer! The Lineacqualba by Mar Plast is a line characterized by a wide range of products from which to choose the one that’s right for you. It ranges from soap dispensers, to filling and refilling with a special cartridge, industrial roll holders with dual modes of use both on the wall and on the counter, to arrive at first aid products in a box or cabinet.

With this line it is possible to accessorize any environment, surgeries, clinics, restaurants, professional kitchens but also private and domestic environments.

The soap dispensers are divided into cartdridge soap model for which it is necessary to use the appropriate refill, thus ensuring greater hygiene, refilling soap model, more ecological as they can be filled with your favorite detergent, and also dispensers with ideal No-Touch sensors in environments where the level of potential contagion is higher.

The dispensers for industrial reels were born with the idea of ​​being extremely functional and portable, hence the dispenser Art. 636 and the dispenser Art. 635, industrial roll holders that can be used both on the counter and on the wall, transportable wherever there is a need for paper towels. Always ideal in professional kitchens and not only aluminum and film roll holders.

Baskets with tilting lid are perfect for Ho.Re.Ca. services, bars, restaurants, hotels, to be used for example during breakfast time to dispose of small packs of jam, sugar bags and other material that would leave a messy look.

For bathrooms, especially for women, the baskets with a special lids and the Lady hygienic bag holders for feminine pads are indispensable. Also from Lineacqualba we find mirrors with rounded edges and a special shelf for objects, perfect both in the toilets of hotels, hotels and B&Bs but also in clinics, hospitalization rooms and outpatient clinics.

Last but not least as indispensable, the line is further enriched with transportable First Aid boxes, to be kept at hand in the offices or why not even in the car, always respecting the legislative constraints regarding safety and first aid material. in special lockers.

Characterized by a simple design, the Lineacqualba collection focuses above all on functionality, practicality and ease of use, offering a rich range of different products that want to please a large audience, thus responding to the contemporary need to accessorize environments while keeping up with current regulations. Furthermore, in a world where you never stop running, ease of use is essential, another feature of the Lineacqualba, designed and built precisely to meet the need for smart and versatile accessories with a simple and discreet design.


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