Cover Hidden, an example of our Made in Italy

How important is design in modern furnishings? It is said that the eye also wants its part, and we Italians are particularly attentive to this aspect: if a dish is good but not very nice to look at, it risks losing its palatability.

Certainly beauty must not be an end in itself but rather, it must enhance the object and its functionality, it is also in this way that dedication, research and attention to detail are enhanced.

When we enter in a bathroom, especially in contexts such as hypermarkets, cinemas, motorway restaurants, places where there is a large influx of people, who often go in a hurry, we expect to find a clean and tidy place. A neglected and untidy bathroom makes us lose confidence even in reference to the rest of the environment in which we are.

Mar Plast is particularly attentive to details and since the beginning of its history in 1968 it wants to accessorize bathrooms and places closely related to hygiene with practicality but also with design and aesthetics.

His design research is evident not only from the modern lines of the Skin collection, from the softer ones of the Lineacqualba but in all his products, even in those that tend to go unnoticed such as the lids for the baskets.

The Hidden lid owes its name to its main feature: that is the slightly rounded side rise that avoids seeing the contents of the bin but remains open and therefore very practical for the user.

The Hidden lid fits perfectly into its 23 L (Art. 742), 42 L (Art. 741) basket or the SUPER Hidden for the 55 L (Art. 866) basket.

It is also available in various colors for separate waste collection and also in the eco-friendly Woodplastic and Stone variants.

The bin placed for example near the sinks with its Hidden lid will be very practical but will make its presence discreet.

Also in this case a bathroom accessory (and not only) such as the basket is no longer an object to be kept aside because it tends to be unpleasant to the eye but becomes a design and refinement accessory, the symbol of that wants to make the bathroom a neat and tidy place.

Once again Mar Plast combines the functional side with the aesthetic one, a Made in Italy appreciated all over the world that stands out for its elegance and refinement.



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