From drop to lenticle, the design and usefulness of the front window

For cleaning professionals, businesses and private entities, it is important to clean effectively but within the established deadlines.

Trolleys, rags, specific detergents can certainly help in this situation, but certainly also an environment that facilitates the maintenance of order and cleaning helps to reduce not only the timing but also the risk of errors.

By errors we mean areas or areas that tend to remain neglected also due to lack of time where it has been necessary to dedicate to a more thorough cleaning in other parts of the building where cleaning and hygiene operations are carried out.

Especially following the new regulations but also the H.A.C.C.P. cleaning maneuvers have become increasingly regulated and complex.

To meet this need, Mar Plast focuses on the end user’s request by designing dispensers and bathroom accessories that can facilitate cleaning operations. For example, the baskets and raised toilet brush holders prevent the operator from having to lift loads, however light they may be but which still represent a footprint, in this way, on the other hand, floor cleaning is faster and more accurate.

In order to never forget the aesthetic side, the new generation dispensers of the Skin collection have a transparent front window, a lenticle, which in addition to being functional is also iconic of the brand.

In fact, from this window it is possible to see at a glance the amount of internal consumable, paper or soap, left. It will therefore not be necessary to open the dispenser to check the filling status but just take a look at the dispenser during the normal cleaning operations of the bathroom accessories.

The dynamic and contemporary lines of the Skin line blend perfectly with the shapes and design of this front lens. Initially in the shape of a drop, a version that we find in the more classic collections of Mar Plast such as the Plus line, it has evolved in parallel with the evolution of the most modern design lines and in harmony with current furnishings.

In this way, once again our Made in Italy proves capable of listening to the end user’s demand, combining it and enriching it with a plus of design and aesthetics that shuns Italian sounding but which guarantees its 100% Italian peculiarity.

Mar Plast demonstrates how a bathroom accessory can be functional but also pleasing to the eye and attention to detail.


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