Woodplastic, don’t waste the wastes

Wood recycling is a fundamental operation today, the complexity of infrastructures, the increase in pollution and energy consumption have impoverished the planet, often depriving it of one of its most important resources: trees.

Thanks to their biochemical processes, trees and plants are able to reuse light and oxygen as nourishment. Several plants also have anti-pollution properties, returning clean air to the atmosphere. What does the planet ask of us and what can we do for it?

Surely one of the fundamental points is precisely to use as less as possible new material but recycle it and thus implement the life cycle of products and raw materials.

We like Mar Plast could be an oxymoron regarding this concept, plastic is one of the most targeted materials in reference to pollution not only of the earth’s surface but also of the seas.

This is why research is so important, it is thanks to this that we can find new materials by reusing plastic and more. Let’s think, for example, of how many trees have been saved thanks to the innovation of recycled paper, books, notebooks, boxes have thus found a second life in other eco-compatible products.

The hybrid material of Woodplastic is an example of how raw materials from multiple processes can be reused, reusing wood waste and recycled plastics.

‘Don’t waste the wastes’ is the Leitmotiv of this collection which aims precisely to use more waste materials, thus optimizing more production resources and thus reducing the environmental impact on several fronts.

The Woodplastic line therefore meets the contemporary needs of more eco-friendly production methods, aligned with European production standards. Minimal color and design do not distract attention from the main focus of the Woodplastic collection, the hybrid material created from the scraps of two very different materials such as wood and plastic.

This desire to unify two types so distant from each other also represents one of the fundamental values ​​of Mar Plast: to continue, through research, to create more environmentally friendly products. Plastic processing may seem totally in contradiction with ecology, but it is also true that initially this material replaced the use and abuse of other elements of animal and plant origin. We work in one direction: that of creating products that are useful but at the same time increasingly reduce their environmental impact.


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