Cradle to cradle: the origins of ecodesign

“From the cradle to the grave” is a saying that refers to promises and everything that establishes a perpetual bond between people. It can refer to various things because the path it traces tells of a duration that goes beyond the materiality of existence and encompasses it all in a holistic sense. However, it is destined to come to an end.

It was from this starting point, but turning it around, that Michael Braungart and William McDonough, now twenty years ago, released a manifesto book called “Cradle to Cradle.” In this essay, they explained how it is possible to combine and connect aspects of development, environmental protection, and social justice in the field of design and creativity.

The fundamental principle proposed by the authors is that various products should be designed and created by valuing the biological cycle to create objects – or design environments, artifacts, urban solutions – that are increasingly environmentally compatible. “Cradle to Cradle” is the foundation of all reflections on ecodesign today.

Contrary to common belief, ecodesign – or “eco design” – does not only involve the creation of products in sustainable materials but is characterized by the idea that a particular product can have a life even after the purpose for which it was made has expired.

Regulations on sustainable design

The proposal has had a significant impact in recent years. Like all impactful ideas, green design (or “sustainable design”) has also found the need to be regulated to prevent misuse. In our case, we have the European Directive 2009/125/EC – which concerns products that use some form of energy – the ISO 14006:2020 standard – which defines environmental management guidelines – and Directive 2018/851 regarding waste disposal.

The six principles of ecodesign

Ecodesign is defined by six fundamental principles:

Replast: our sustainable furniture in three acts

With the REplast line, we have developed an innovative technology for a sustainable design outcome. What is it all about? We’re talking about a collection of green interior design, primarily consisting of bathroom accessories made through the regeneration of plastic waste obtained from the production process. It represents an advanced form of recycling that can reduce the environmental impact right from the creation of the product.

It works in three steps:

1. First, we collect residues from plastic processing, both from our own operations and from other companies.

2. Next, we regenerate these waste materials, creating a new plastic granulate that retains its quality compared to virgin material.

3. At this point, we create the products - dispensers, lids, organizers, and more - that make up the REplast line.

Discover the REplast line with its products, potential uses, and the capabilities of this truly innovative range.

Of course, everything we are sharing with you has been certified, and you can find all the details here.

Some more thing

But MarPlast’s commitment to ecodesign and sustainable furnishings doesn’t stop with the REplast products.

The Skin Sand&Stone line, for instance, transforms public bathrooms into modern and welcoming spaces through eco-friendly design solutions. These products are made from recycled plastic, both pre and post-consumer, and are designed with the goal of minimizing space requirements and, consequently, maximizing material savings.

And what about the Woodplastic line? It consists of a range of products made from a hybrid material combining plastic pellets and wood processing residues, all worth seeing. You can download the brochure for this line from our website.

In summary, MarPlast’s focus on eco-addicted design has been consistent over the years, giving rise to a series of functional and refined products that utilize innovative production techniques and processes: cradle to cradle.


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