New year, new decor trends! What to expect in 2024?

Raise your hand if you find yourself in the showroom of a furniture shop, a furniture factory, a tile showroom or other materials that make up the interior design universe, and have never heard phrases such as ‘your personality would certainly be enhanced by…’ or ‘you can’t help but notice the strong connotation between your taste and the current trends that…’.
This is because personality, taste, attitudes are an expression not only of personal need, but above all of the way we want to communicate something about ourselves and our activities.

This has significance for individual private homes, but even more so for public places, which inevitably have to deal with a larger number of people and contacts.

We had a sneak preview of the 2024 furniture trends and discovered several interesting things. Among them was the fact that at Mar Plast, for many things… we were already in the future!

Interior trends 2024: sustainability and minimalism

Sustainability and minimalism are the watchwords of the new year in interior design and decoration.

People are becoming increasingly attentive not only to the aesthetics of the products they buy and use, but also to the profile and the route in which they are made, favouring sustainable solutions made from natural or reclaimed materials.

At Mar Plast we have already moved ahead: for some years now we have been developing a series of eco-sustainable collections that are driving the evolution of our production towards a new dimension, oriented towards ‘eco-design‘.
Woodplastic was one of the first Mar Plast lines to offer ‘eco-addicted’ design products: made entirely of an hybrid material between plastic pellets and wood processing residues, it offers accessories suitable for many environments, from public bathrooms to bars and restaurants.

Minimalism, in the sense of a taste for simplicity, has always been popular in recent years and will continue to be so in the coming 2024. Until now, design trends have followed the rule of ‘less is more’, but now the trend will shift to a demand for more elegant and sophisticated lines, in balance with the environments that define their uses.
This is, for example, the case with our Skin collection, characterised by a minimalist and eye-catching design. The range offers a complete selection of bathroom accessories, available in five color variants, from the satin black of Carbon, to White, a timeless classic, through the sophisticated gray of Titanium and the material finishes Sand&Stone.

Color trends 2024

Limitless – a particular tone of beige – orange, light blue, blue, red and green. These are the colors that will take the stage in interior design in the coming year.
Cosiness, intimacy, sophistication are the characteristics enhanced by these color combinations.

And many of these same colors also make up our Colored collection, accessories and dispensers available in six different color variants, which we have designed to surprise our and your customers.

Peering into the future, guessing what is to come, has always been one of mankind’s ambitions. Which to do so, over time, has turned to the stars like coffee grounds, palm reading and dream interpretation.
Even trends and tendencies, in their own way, try to take us into the future in advance, and here we have briefly reviewed what we can expect.
However, as Emmett Brown, Doc in Back to the Future, would say, the future is not already written, but is something that already belongs to us, because it is each of us who will write a piece of it.
And this, then, is also our best wish for the coming year: to be protagonists in it.


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