Dress the inside as a Skin

Today there are more and more environments with little space. The interior design, architecture and furnishings have adapted to this new need, providing high quality responses while respecting the condition of small and cramped sizes. Corporate giants of design and home furnishings are increasingly supplying practical, comfortable solutions with a good aesthetic result. Multi-function furniture, functional use of walls and vertical developments, sliding doors that replace hinged ones to take up less space, many solutions respond to this contemporary need to accessorize the smallest environments. Creativity, study and technique characterize the creation of this new way of furnishing spaces.

But new environments require new accessories that can keep up with these innovative furnishings. Surely one of the most delicate spaces and in which the need to find convenient and comfortable solutions for the user is even greater is the bathroom. Whether they are public bathrooms with a large influx of people in the office or private bathroom, the request is the same: make the most of the available space and use it in the most functional way for which you use that service.

Mar Plast answers this question with the creation of a line that wants to dress the internal content like a skin, hence the name of the collection: Skin.

The fundamental concept of this creation by Mar Plast is precisely to reduce the overall dimensions to the maximum, optimizing even the smallest opening to create a highly performing product while taking up as little space as possible.

The challenge was not easy to overcome, the internal mechanisms, the invisible parts from the outside that make it easy to slide the paper, for example, the microchips for electronic dispensers, the soap cartridges that must fit into the bottom and hook perfectly to the pump extraction; many small details that are not normally noticed when using a dispenser but which in reality make it a high quality accessory, it is precisely those details that make the difference.

The Skin line manages to keep these ‘invisible’ parts and therefore all the quality and functionality of Mar Plast dispensers but at reduced volumes. The lines become thin, soft, evoking an almost spatial and futuristic mood. The Skin line aims to accessorise bathrooms, whether they are toilets with a high flow of users or bathrooms in medium or small businesses, with high-performance dispensers, with a minimal footprint and refined design.

The collection is currently available in five variants: from classic white to Carbon black, a slightly satin black, elegant and discreet. Then there is the Titanium color, a sophisticated and contemporary metallic gray, the Fluo Antibacterial whose coating is enriched with antibacterial silver ions is colored with a vitaminic and eccentric Lime yellow, and the latest addition to the collection, the Stone variant.

The latter is characterized by an anthracite color, and a grainy stone-effect texture, water-painted avoids the use of paints and substances that are potentially toxic to the environment, and is also made from pre and post-consumer recycled plastics in all its parts, bottom and lid.

Stone color and grainy effect for the lid, smoky gray background, every detail has been carefully refined for a truly ecological result, saving space and environmental impact while maintaining the design and aesthetic quality that characterizes all Mar Plast products and ours. Made in Italy.

The Skin collection perfectly meets the growing demand to furnish small spaces with a complete series of bathroom accessories that dress the internal content, whether soap or paper, with as little plastic as possible. It also adapts to current production standards with its antibacterial variants (Fluo Antibacterial) and totally made with recycled material (Stone). A bathroom accessory that represents a precise choice: maximum yield with minimum bulk.


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