How to reuse the cardboard core of paper rolls

Recycling is also reusing, conveying an object to another use, not only disposing of it in the correct separate collection but avoiding throwing it away by getting used to having a different eye on objects. Learning to see other uses for the same product can drastically reduce waste, decrease the amount of waste and waste to be regenerated or discarded permanently, increasing the resulting pollution rates.

Also waste disposal has costs in terms of energy, so reusing becomes the best solution to counteract this huge increase in material to be disposed of.

The cardboard core of toilet paper rolls or even paper towels is most often thrown away in the paper collection.

Yet there are many ways to reuse it and exploit it in a functional way!

Here are some examples of how you can transform the internal roll of cardboard that we find into toilet paper and towels:

  • As a bracelet holder, two or three tubes, even of different sizes arranged horizontally, inserted centrally in a thick cardboard roll will be perfect for keeping bracelets and necklaces in order!
  • As an organic ‘pot’ for sowing, instead of inserting the seeds directly intothe soil, arrange them together with a little earth inside the cardboard tube; in this case the cardboard core will protect the seeds while still allowing the entry of water and nutrients but blocking the dangerous passage of insects and snails that could eat the seeds or the first shoots.
  • Pen holder and markers, by coloring and attaching them with a littlehot glue you can build a nice pen holder, crayons, markers and articles for writing and drawing.


  • Phone holder, with a diagonal cut maintaining a slight rise on the front, the cardboard roll will also prove to be an excellent smartphone holder!


Then there are a thousand other ways and ideas, the important thing is always to keep curiosity alive and the will to avoid waste by fueling a consumerism that risks severely and irreparably damaging our planet.


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