Mar Plast presents Artemis, the innovative Sanitary napkin dispenser

It’s July 21, 1969, and Neil Armstrong is descending the ladder of Apollo 11, which has just gently touched down on the surface of the Moon. Shortly, he will utter the phrase that will make him immortal, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” But that “small step” owes much to a woman, Margaret Hamilton, a computer scientist and engineer responsible for software development for the Apollo program: just minutes before touching lunar soil, the onboard computer of the lunar module signaled an error message, a memory overload that risked compromising everything if not for the activation of the alarm management program she designed, which restored the priority list assigned to the onboard computer and ensured the success of the mission. “Our astronauts didn’t have much time to decide what to do, but luckily they had Margaret Hamilton,” President Barack Obama acknowledged in 2016, awarding Hamilton the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

About three thousand years before the moon landing and Margaret Hamilton, lunar matters were instead the domain of the goddess Artemis (Diana, in her Latin version): besides patronizing hunting, she was the twin sister of Apollo who took care of our satellite and its predominantly feminine representation, made of tides and cycles. For this reason, Artemis is the goddess of the time of waiting, a time that returns and regulates.
Exactly because of this time, today – on a date charged with meaning – we present our new dispenser “Artemis.”

“Artemis” is the innovative sanitary pad dispenser designed to simplify the lives of those who use them every month: there are public places frequented every day where everyone expects to find certain products, especially those related to personal hygiene (soap, paper, wipes…), even if, too often, hygienic expectations – especially those related to gender – are disappointed. “Artemis,” however, is more than just a sanitary napkin dispenser: it is an inclusive product, for a truly accessible public restroom.

The core of Artemis

In designing and proposing – today – “Artemis,” we have conceived it as spacious, easy to use, hygienic and clean, durable, suitable for public restrooms in schools and universities, businesses, workplaces, and accommodation facilities. But not only that.

In the quest for the “heart” of “Artemis” – namely the consumable product – we have focused particularly on quality and the environment: that’s why we have equipped “Artemis” with a line of sanitary pads made of pure cotton and made in Italy, a complete range of hypoallergenic pads that use chlorine-free bleached cotton.

Comparing it to Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind, “Artemis” may seem like a small step.
It is not.
The path of rights is indeed paved by small steps.
“Being” the moon, governing the tides, is not a choice, but a right. And rights – if they are such – must also be free, accessible, and for everyone.

Once a month.
Everytime you need.

Happy March 8th!


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