Skin Fluo Antibacterial with Silver Ions and Fluo colored

The Covid 19 pandemic has reiterated how important it is to maintain a good level of hygiene in all environments without ever assuming that even little-used objects can become carriers of bacteria and viral loads.

By now increasingly aware of these factors, we are more attentive to the objects we use especially when we are away from home and even more so in those places such as toilets where there is a greater risk of contamination and where there is a strong influx of people.

But how hygienic are the materials that make up the accessories dedicated to hygiene such as dispensers for paper towels, those for soap or for sanitizing the toilet?

Mar Plast has specially created a line of dispensers made with an antibacterial material: the Fluo Antibacterial collection.

The silver ions present within the plastic material used make these products even more hygienic as the silver ions have anti-bacterial and bactericidal properties.

Silver as a noble metal has been known since time immemorial but is used in medicine precisely for its already known anti-bacterial properties, in fact we find it present in disinfectant substances such as colloidal silver and ionic silver. Its functioning is based on the disintegration of the cell membrane of the bacterium and also inhibits its proliferation by creating an environment hostile to bacterial loads.

Therefore the Fluo Antibacterial dispensers prove to be a particularly useful tool in those places where hygiene is of the utmost importance, medical and veterinary offices, clinics, clinics but also schools, crowded places where, as we have seen, the risk of contamination is higher. due to the greater use of services.

The Fluo Antibacterial collection also stands out for its particular color, a very lively and vitaminic lime yellow, a fluo color that further enhances the modern and contemporary lines of the Skin models, of which the Fluo Antibacterial line is part of it.

Summarizing the main points of the collection:

Protects from microbial infestation
– It inhibits the proliferation of germs, bacteria and fungi
Optimize hand sanitation
Long-lasting antimicrobial action
Non toxic
– It contributes to the maintenance of hygiene in the bathroom and is resistant to use and washing

With this collection, Mar Plast wants to accessorize bathrooms and environments where attention to hygiene is essential but without ever giving up its aesthetic side thanks to the dynamic shapes of the Skin line and the captivating color of this Fluo Antibacterial variant.



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