Soap dispensers for public bathrooms: Mar Plast’s tips for choosing the best one

Being able to count on liquid soap dispensers in public toilets is now such a consolidated habit that we rarely stop to think how, thanks to these objects, we can avoid many problems: washing our hands, in fact, is the most recognised way to avoid small and big ailments, a simple habit that, particularly in the cold and flu season, takes on an even more important value.

It was not always so. Let’s take a step back.


In the first part of ‘They Call me Trinity‘ – the famous 1970 film starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer – there is a rather famous scene in which Trinity/Hill is taken for a bath to remove the odor and dust accumulated in crossing the dusty deserts of the west. The bath takes place in a tub of water – which immediately turns brown – and the only hygienic product available is an old piece of soap, thrown into the water itself.

We know that in the Old West hygiene was not at the top in a hypothetical scale of importance of everyday values. However, as far as we are concerned, we have to stay more or less in those parts and take a leap forward in time by about a century, to find ourselves faced with the figure – not too famous to tell the truth – of Robert Taylor. Who is neither a cowboy nor an actor, but the inventor of liquid soap. Observing the deterioration of a bar of soap in water, in fact, the classic ‘think different’ light bulb went on in Taylor: why not devise and market detergent products in liquid form?

This was in the late 1970s and the resounding success of that invention paved the way for many other creations, such as the necessary dispensers, which today are certainly the most widely used system for ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in public places and bathrooms.

What is the best wall mounted soap dispenser?

The best wall-mounted soap dispenser is one that meets the needs of your customers. Indeed, when evaluating options for liquid soap dispensers, whether for the bathroom of a restaurant, an office or another public environment, several criteria must be considered:

  • Functionality and user-friendliness for every type of public toilet customer, from adults to toddlers.
  • Sensor sensitivity (in automatic models) to ensure fast and smooth dispensing.
  • The capacity of the reservoir, which affects the frequency of refilling and/or cartridge replacement.
  • The compatibility of the soap with the desired type of liquid soap.
  • The aesthetics of the product, which must blend harmoniously into the public environment.
  • Respect for the environment and low ecological impact a feature increasingly in demand from manufacturers of furniture accessories and beyond.

Mar Plast offers a wide range of wall-mounted soap dispensers, both manual and cartridge refill, available in different models, colors, finishes and capacities to meet every need.
We have added two features to our products: design and the eco-sustainability of the materials we use to produce them.

Nothing is left to chance, because attention to every detail is what characterizes our idea of designing and marketing what we really want to be the best soap dispensers for our customers.

Best automatic soap dispensers by Mar Plast

Automatic soap dispensers, which can also be used for sanitizing gel, operate by means of infrared photocells that activate the soap dispensing mechanism as the hand passes through.
They are considered among the most “hygienic” dispensers for public restrooms because direct contact with the dispenser is not necessary, which decreases the risk of viruses and bacteria settling on the surface and being transferred from one hand to the other.
Moreover, among the advantages of the automatic dispenser is that it ensures precise soap dosage: it is designed to dispense the ideal amount of soap, avoiding waste and ensuring optimal hygiene.

Mar Plast has designed an electronic liquid soap dispenser with photocell actuation, which ensures hygiene and prevents waste.
Among the many models available, we can only recommend the very latest in the catalog: automatic soap dispensers from the new Skin Sand&Stone collection. Made of pre and post consumer recycled plastic and with a grainy texture reminiscent of sand and stone, they are design accessories in line with the latest bathroom trends.

Best manual soap dispensers by Mar Plast

Although automatic dispensers are the most advanced model on the market, manual soap dispensers continue to be a reliable choice in many situations.
Devoid of sensors or complex technology, they are intuitive and easy to use, and due to the absence of electronic components they require less maintenance than automatic ones.

Mar Plast offers manual wall-mounted soap dispensers in each of its collections, but if you’re looking for an innovative, eco-friendly product for your public restroom, dispensers from the Woodplastic and Skin Carbon lines might be right for you.

Although we all, today, can continue to get caught up in the imagery of spaghetti-westerns, ride along with Tex Willer and his pards, get passionate about Clint Eastwood’s justice, or laugh at Terence Hill and Bud Spencer’s fisticuffs, fortunately the time for tub baths is over.

And, all things considered, we are sure that Trinity and Bambino would have been happy about it as well.


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