World Toilet Day and the tale of the Hummingbird

19 November marks World Toilet Day, a crucial time to reflect on the importance of ensuring safe and accessible toilets for all. The sad reality reveals that over 2 billion people around the world are still without such access, highlighting the urgent need for accelerated change in this direction.

This year’s theme, Accelerating Change, offers us a powerful lesson through an African fable involving the hummingbird. This small bird, carrying a modest drop of water in its beak, becomes a source of inspiration for the other inhabitants of the forest. Working together, they manage to put out a devastating fire. The lesson is clear: even the smallest actions can generate a significant impact and contribute to a larger change.

In this context, it is crucial to reflect on how each of us can contribute to change with everyday actions. Mar Plast, with its daily commitment, strives to develop improved strategies to move ever closer to a respectful approach towards the planet and people. The use of recycled materials, the optimisation of raw materials in the production of dispensers and the creation of products that meet everyone’s needs are just a few examples of Mar Plast’s commitment to promoting sustainability.

Every step taken counts, and the hope is that apparently simple gestures, such as washing your hands, can become accessible to everyone. This is not just a wish, but a tangible commitment to build a world where hygiene and well-being are inalienable rights for every individual.

In conclusion, World Toilet Day is not only a call to reflection, but also a call to action. Every small daily action can contribute to a future in which access to toilets is guaranteed for all.

Mar Plast is committed to being an active part of this change, demonstrating that, with concrete steps, we can build a world where dignity and health are within the reach of every human being.

And as the lion said to the Hummingbird in the fable dedicated to him: ‘today you taught us that with a drop of water you can put out a great fire’.


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