Woodplastic: an innovative hybrid material

A fundamental part of our work as manufacturers of bathroom accessories and dispensers is undoubtedly research. We study new production methods, materials and technologies that can help create a product suited to customer demand and always in line with current production criteria for respecting the environment.

Hence the idea of ​​using more materials considered ‘waste’ to optimize more types of materials by reducing the impact of the percentage of plastic in the finished product.

The plastic of the Woodplastic line is made with post-consumer recycled plastic together with residues from wood processing. This new hybrid material represents a new path in the production of low environmental impact plastic materials. These woodworking residues that would otherwise be discarded take on a new material dimension. The color of the Woodlpastic line is a neutral, natural color perfectly in line with the main concept of the entire collection, with woody streaks deriving from wood waste.

The design is deliberately simple, essential, always to remain consistent with the original idea of ​​a collection whose focal point is the type of material and does not want to add other elements or divert attention from this fundamental aspect.

Choosing the Woodplastic line means opting for an eco-friendly bathroom furniture, we dare to say Nature-addicted because it almost wants to blend in with its colors to those of nature, no bright colors but an elegant and refined resemblance to natural elements with a deliberately camouflage discretion and sought after.

In addition, all the products in the Woodplastic line are in turn entirely recyclable, and not only that: the surface of the dispensers has not undergone any treatment and does not need it, thus saving the use of chemicals that could be toxic and dangerous for the environment.

In short, a collection that from start to finish aims to be ecological, with the lowest possible environmental impact and to accessorize bathrooms with functionality, innovation and attention to the planet that will not go unnoticed!


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